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To connect to this fabulous game, you need to follow these steps.

1) Download BYOND.
Located at byond.com. It is a simple install and allows you to play a library of other games besides ours. After you set it up, you need to make a key. That is simple, too. It should all be self explainitory.

2) Load game.
Then, you can click here for a fast link to the hub. This is a simple page to attract people coming in the first time. Click play at the bottom to play on the server. Make sure this is the true blue HaH, and not a edit of a exploited source release. You may have class priviledges taken away if you play on these!

3) Make a new character.
You can now make a new character. How exciting! He/she is automatically gender-selected based on what you picked when you made your key. It must have a unique name. Be original, no book names please, and usually must sound british. Then, use the help command ingame, and have fun!

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