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Welcome to the H:aH Website!

This is the official website for the BYOND game Hogwarts: A History. This game takes place before the books. There is many classes and friendly people. But not just that, there is more behind the scenes. If you enjoy the Harry Potter books, and want to become apart of the Harry Potter world, come join the game, and have fun. We hope to see you ingame!

The News:

Latest News: There was a recent event at the school. Groundhog's Day! The ground hog did not see his shadow. That means that we would have an early spring. And we did. Hello green grass, goodbye snow!

Class Schedule
Subject to Change

2-3 PM CST - Professor Carrie(Charms)
4-5 PM CST - Professor Zack(DADA)
6-7 PM CST - Professor Demonic(Trans)
7-8 PM CST - Professor Mikazuki(DADA)
9-10 PM CST - Professor (Wendy) Cassidus [Trans]
Slade is unknown at the moment, but I'm sure he's teaching Charms.

For future reference, the forums are located here.

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