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Hogwarts: A History Rules

1) No swearing. That includes in acronyms too, so use something like wtheck. If you don't specify, it's the admin who will interpret what you meant. (So you can't say "I meant beaver dam")

1.5) Don't use gay as an insult. The internet is a diverse place, and people will get offended. Also, if you say something like 'jay' we're gonna assume you meant gay, and not jelly. Once again, it's up to the GM to interpret the meaning.

2) No spamming. This includes spamming spells, spamming caps (whole messages of caps), or just firing too many messages.

3) No AFKing leveling. No gaining levels by being AFK when you train. If you don't respond when you're training (Admins can check if you're training), and you get disconnected for AFK'ing, levels won't be restored. We don't want to hear any stories like "I was talking to someone looking away from the game" or "I swear I wasn't training" or something like that . Just accept the punishment.

4) No school killing or killing newbies. And Invisible killing is really lame. Newbies is anyone who can be considered new to the game. (They're a newbie if they're below level 10 for a max of 3 days) Also, shooting spells around in school randomly is against the rules even if you don't actually hit someone. (It pretty much falls under spamming)

5) Don't let OOC arguments get out of hand. Take them into say. Also, insulting people can be considered arguing, and that'll get you in trouble.

6) Don't summon Monsters in school.

7) Don't trap people in places especially new people. Also, don't block off any hallways or stairways.

8) Respect staff and be polite to the staff (in class especially, we don't have to hold them, and being disrespectful wont make us want to)

9) No asking for classes. Teachers do their best to hold regular classes, but don't bug them. We are very serious about this. We don't care how much you think you need a spell, or how long its been since you've had a class, or that your pet just died yesterday. DON'T ASK.

10) No bug abusing. If you find a bug, report it.

11) One character per person. (Per person. Not per key)

Punishment for one of these rules is up to the staff member. If you feel you have been unfairly punished, please make a respectful post on the official forums located right here.

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